Andrew is one of the most widely used names in the world, appearing on top baby name charts in more than half a dozen nations. Originally coming from the ancient Greek name Andreas, the name is derived from the word “andreios” meaning “manly” or “masculine,” a legacy that has made it popular with parents for centuries. The name makes an appearance in the New Testament of the Bible and, over thousands of years, has spawned many alluring variations.

One of the most notable versions of Andrew is the Scandinavian variation of the name, Anders. While it has fallen off the charts in Denmark and Norway, Anders is surprisingly on the rise in the United States where it ranked in the top 800 names for boys. It’s not the most impressive statistic, but give Anders a little bit of time and we might just see it explode in popularity.

Other fantastic but underused versions of the name include the Finnish Antero, Eastern European Andrei, and the Lithuanian Andrius.   

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