Heidi Schauster, a registered dietician and certified eating disorder registered dietician, revealed on her site that, while she recommends not making weight loss your primary goal, some people do “lose weight while they work on eating intuitively and mindfully.” 

Eating mindfully, according to the expert, involves slowing down and savoring each bite. “We aren’t eating a certain amount of calories or carbs or points,” she explained. “We are eating life-giving, pleasure-providing food — and we will eat just enough of it because we are staying present with the eating experience, paying enough attention to the food and our bodies as we eat it.”

Instead of turning on the television or playing a game on your phone while you eat, try solely focusing on what you’re eating. Barbara Meyer, the program director of Green Mountain at Fox Run, a non-dieting weight-loss retreat for women, recommends trying a meal in silence. “It’s a profound eye-opener for many women, because they realize they don’t listen to their bodies when they eat,” she told Fitness Magazine.

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