Thore won’t stand for body-shaming, and she has even gone out of her way to shut it down. In 2016, she was at her job at a radio station when a guest, comedian Kerryn Feehan, made some unkind statements. Thore heard what she was saying and immediately burst into the studio to say her piece. When Feehan was asked if she felt sorry for overweight people, she responded, as reported by People, “I feel affected by them, I feel affected by their moods. I feel affected by the way they treat me.”

Thore asked her if she was treated unkindly by fat people, and Feehan responded, “Yeah, they’re moody and they’re cranky! They’re mean!”

While Feehan later said that she wasn’t trying to offend anyone and was merely expressing her opinion, Thore saw it differently. “It’s attitudes like this — the aggressive fat-shaming cloaked in concern that all too often convinces fat people that we are worthless and it’s a narrative I will not buy into,” she told People.

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