Ashten lost over 60 pounds in less than a year and was extremely close to meeting her goal weight. When talking to DeMar about her journey, however, she said that while she thought she would feel really happy about it, she actually doesn’t. The biggest reason is because she finds herself more obsessed with her appearance now than she ever was before. She explained, “Before I lost the weight, I was just like, ‘oh, this is just me, this is my body,’ like very content with it, and accepting of it, which is where I’m trying to get back to.” 

Ashten went on to say that throughout her journey, she became extremely fixated on eating healthy and working out, and couldn’t stop wondering why she didn’t look better instead of thinking about how much she had accomplished. She said that although she doesn’t think she’ll ever fully be happy with her body, it is something she’s working on. 

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