If you weren’t satisfied with the way season one ended, don’t worry — you’re far from alone. Plenty of folks wanted a different ending for Beck, including Elizabeth Lail.

As a quick refresher, Season 1 of You ended with Beck realizing the extent of Joe’s stalking and crimes just before he captures and locks her in his creepy glass box at the bottom of the bookstore. After suffering mental and emotional torture for days, Beck musters up the energy to make a run for it — but, alas, Joe catches and kills her before she’s able to escape. 

In an interview with Radio Times, Lail revealed that, even though she’d read Caroline Kepnes’ novel, she was rooting for an alternate ending in which Beck survives. Lail said of the ending, “The unfortunate thing is, the woman doesn’t win in the end… and I’m so sick and tired of that.” However disappointed she was about her character’s fate, Lail did admit that she felt the unfortunate ending to be “much closer to the truth,” given Joe’s advantage. But hey, a gal can dream. 

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