Robinson has also shared his athletic expertise with ESPN, where he took on a position as a men’s college basketball analyst. In a press release, ESPN coordinating producer Chris Farrow praised Robinson’s “knowledge, insight and understanding of the game.”

Robinson landed the gig after being let go from his position at Oregon State, and used the job as an opportunity to scope out the possibility of scoring a job with the NBA. He wasn’t sure if his expertise would line up with the professional league, but, in true Robinson fashion, kept hustling. “What I would do was, when I was preparing to do my television job, if I was ever in or near a city that had an NBA team, I’d just call up the folks there and see if I could come by and just talk to people, network,” he told The Undefeated. After a while, his networking paid off, earning him a position with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2016 where he was vice president of player and organizational development.

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