Although often busy, Charles would make time to attend his sons’ school plays. Though, when William was little, there were times when he probably wished his father hadn’t shown up.

“I was in … some sort of Christmas play and I was a wizard and I came on and I narrated it,” William revealed in a documentary (via The Telegraph). The play called for a small explosion to happen in front of the young prince, but it didn’t go off. William decided to keep going despite being “quite panicky.” Eventually, the pyrotechnics did go off — during William’s reading. The Duke of Cambridge said his father couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the play. He admitted to giving his dad “a big death stare,” but apparently even that didn’t work.

Harry echoed his brother’s comments, saying, “And no one else — no one else laughs, he always laughs at the wrong moment, and doesn’t think ‘Oh I shouldn’t — I should probably stay quiet,’ he just thinks it’s the best thing ever.” Oh, dad.

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