Even though today Lovato is wealthy, talented, and famous, things weren’t always easy for her. Rather, her childhood was quite chaotic because of her birth father, Patrick Lovato. “My dad was an addict and an alcoholic… he chose that over a family,” she shared in Simply Complicated, a documentary about her life — and that had an impact. “Early on Demi was very, very sad because of her issues with her dad,” her mother added. 

Marissa Callahan, a childhood friend of Lovato also observed her struggles with her father. “She dealt a lot with her dad, and the times where he was brought up wasn’t ever good,” she revealed in the documentary. “He would tell them he had cancer when he didn’t, or he would tell them he’s dying tomorrow when he wasn’t.” He also had a temper when he drank, and he would go into violent rages. Obviously, behavior like that can have a long-term impact on children.

Lovato’s parents split up in 1994, and her mother remarried Eddie de la Garza, who Lovato loves as a dad, in 1995.

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