Although you and your partner may have decorated the nursery, printed out a detailed birth plan, and come up with solutions for every little thing imaginable, your newborn probably isn’t going to care about your best-laid plans. And, despite all your research, you might not have realized just how much your life was going to change with the addition of a third person. Relationship expert Andrea Syrtash confirmed to Bravo, saying, “New parents may not realize the adjustment that less sleep, and giving much of your attention to a new person, takes for a couple.” So, is all hope lost? Not necessarily, but, for some couples, this adjustment may prove to be too much.

“It’s important to set expectations before baby arrives, so you remember you’re in it together,” Syrtash advised. After all, you are. You’ll both be learning how to parent in real time, so understanding that this adjustment period is going to happen — and that it’s not going to be perfect — will be beneficial to your relationship.

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