The manic pixie dream girl is quirky and bubbly. While she’s not your typical beauty, that’s part of her charm. She’s just off-beat enough to be original, but not so far from the mainstream that she isn’t conventionally pretty. In spite of her appeal, however, she doesn’t really serve much of a purpose beyond helping a male protagonist find himself. Her character growth is sacrificed for that of a man, because women exist to nurture and support men.

Claire in Elizabethtown goes out of her way to coddle Drew and, by virtue of being so darn lovable, pulls him out of a major depression and helps him pull his life around. Summer in 500 Days of Summer, while less nurturing, still manages to transform a guy’s life through her upbeat optimism and charm. The manic pixie dream girl is a one-dimensional character who pretty much exists to move a man’s story along. While it’s true that, on average, women tend to have more empathy than men, it’s certainly not a universal truth, and also certainly not solely for the purpose of supporting men.

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