Though fans had long speculated that Pixar films were all connected in some way, writer Jon Negroni popularized the idea with a viral 2013 blog post titled “The Pixar Theory.” In his post, Negroni put forth the idea that Boo — the adorable little girl from Monsters, Inc. — is actually the witch from Brave. You know, the witch who transformed Brave‘s villain Mor’du from a prince to a bear. 

“She probably wanted to turn him into a bear because [Sulley] resembles a bear, and she is still trying to figure out where [Sulley] comes from,” Negroni explained. As outlandish as it may sound, there seem to be a couple of Easter Eggs hidden throughout Toy Story 4 that will make the hearts of Pixar Theory believers soar. 

During Bonnie’s first day of Kindergarten, an out-of-focus Boo seemingly sits just a few tables away — but the more obvious egg comes in the form of Bunny, one of the stuffed prizes Buzz meets at the carnival. As EW notes, the fuzzy, floppy-eared, blue-and-green Bunny bears a striking resemblance to Sulley the monster. Here’s hoping Boo’s family makes a trip to the carnival! 

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