The “historic” march which was in favour of a second Brexit referendum claimed that more than 700,000 people marched in central London last year. However, a debriefing document prepared by the Greater London Authority put the number of attendees at only 250,000- a figure significantly below the campaign group’s estimate. In response, the group has been accused of deliberately misleading voters and politicians about its level of support.

The People’s Vote campaign insists its estimates were “based on intelligence from both volunteers and professional stewards”.

In a bid to support their estimates the campaign claims it took account of the numbers that joined the front of the march, while it was in progress, which it suggested could have been discounted by other calculations.

The campaign’s website states: “On October 20th, over 700,000 people marched from Park Lane to Parliament, demanding their future back.”

Following a request under the Freedom of Information Act, Scotland Yard told The Sunday Telegraph: “The Greater London Authority (GLA) has included an estimated attendance figure of 250,000 in a debrief document.

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“Please note this is not a Metropolitan Police Service estimate as we have not recorded an estimated attendance figure for the march.”

Conservative MP and Eurosceptic Anne-Marie Trevelyan said: “Leaving the EU was an option on the ballot paper that attracted more votes than any referendum or politician in our history.

“The People’s Vote would do well to remember this and should stop attempting to dupe people about how many people support it.”

The march took place in central London between Park Lane and Parliament Square.

It was attended by the Labour Mayor of London Saqiq Khan, an avid supporter of the campaign for a second referendum.

During the rally, he was one of many who addressed Parliament Square.

He said: “What could be more democratic, what could be more British, than trusting the judgement of the British people.”

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