In addition to the open concept living room, Ray’s Southampton home also features what the listing describes as “a media area.” According to Ray Lepper, the president of Home Media in Richmond, Virginia, a media room is a practical space that’s used for more than just sitting down and watching movies. “A media room is real life,” he told HGTV. A media area or room, like in Rachael Ray’s home, is a multipurpose space to hang out, relax, and, of course, enjoy media.

Ironically, though, Ray is not actually all that tech-savvy. A New York Times profile of the food star revealed in 2018 that she’d only recently stopped using a flip phone and, despite having millions upon millions of followers on social media, doesn’t spend much time online. Nevertheless, she revealed to the publication that she unwinds in the evenings with reruns of Columbo. So, maybe that’s what her media room is for.

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