The Japanese car giant have said their Chief Executive Takahiro Hachigo will be attending the news conference and it will address a change in the operational structure of the company. Honda is struggling with less demand for diesel cars, tougher emission regulations and possible uncertainty over Brexit.

Swindon North MP Justin Tomlinson said Honda’s decision to consolidate European market production in Japan was not as a result of Brexit.

He wrote on Twitter: “Honda: @RobertBuckland & I have already spoken to the Business Secretary & Honda. They are clear this is based on global trends and not Brexit as all European market production will consolidate in Japan in 2021.

“Working with Honda, Gov (led by the Business Secretary), staff and Unions there will be a taskforce set up to provide support for all staff (as we did when jobs were lost previously at Honda).

“Honda will be consulting with all staff and there is not expected to be any job losses, or changes in production until 2021.”

Honda produces more than 100,000 Civic cars a year at Swindon and it is their only factory in the EU.

This comes as two weeks ago Japanese car company Nissan announced it would not be building it new x-trail sports car in the UK.

More to follow…

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