Waterproof mascara is a pretty nifty invention and one that is definitely appreciated during weddings, beach vacations, and sappy movies. Even though you might not be able to predict when your next cry will be, waterproof mascara isn’t a good choice for everyday wear. What makes the waterproof mascara so great also happens to be its downfall: staying power. As you likely know from trying to scrub this cosmetic from your lashes, waterproof mascara is incredibly difficult to remove. 

When speaking with Reader’s Digest, celebrity makeup artist Kate Stromberg revealed, “Over time, vigorous removal can tug and pull on your lash line, causing them to weaken and break.” While it may be great not to have to worry about crying muddy black tears, it’s certainly better than dealing with broken lashes from trying to remove your waterproof mascara. 

“Instead, opt for a tubing mascara containing flexible polymers which require only warm water to remove,” the expert suggested.

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