To quote Shakespeare, “Though the wedding party be but little, it was fierce.” 

If the photos and videos that have surfaced from Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s wedding have taught us anything, it’s this: these two lovebirds know how to have a good time. Unlike a vast majority of celebrity weddings — which tend to be a bit fantastical — Cyrus and Hemsworth’s big day was extremely intimate, attended only by close friends and family members. In fact, the wedding appears to have been, well, normal. If the photos that have been released so far didn’t feature so many famous faces, you might even mistake Cyrus and Hemsworth’s wedding to be that of an old high school friend. We’re guessing our invites got lost in the mail. 

Despite the small gathering, however, these newlyweds had a big time. In a video posted to her Twitter, Cyrus can be seen dancing her heart out in her wedding gown to “Uptown Funk.” The fun video also features a surprise appearance from the clearly elated groom, who was spotted taking celebratory shots with his father and brother earlier in the evening. 

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