Mike Epps, a comedian and actor known for several high-profile film roles, has plenty to be proud of. But the star is particularly proud of his four daughters. In a People magazine interview, Epps said that he’s “been blessed” with his daughters, who are all “really good girls and really, really smart.” The oldest is Bria Epps, born in 1993. Bria’s daughter Skylar was born a short 19 years later in 2012. In a 2016 tweet wishing the little girl a happy birthday, Bria referred to Sklar as “the love of my life.”

In a 2015 Facebook post, Epps captioned a picture of him, Bria and Skylar with: “these are my babies!” Epps and daughter Bria have had issues in the past, however. TMZ reported that Bria filed a police report against her famous father in 2012 when she was 18. In the report, she alleged that Epps had threatened her after the two argued. At the time, Bria told TMZ the argument began over an appearance her father made on The Wendy Williams Show. Epps “shouted out” to two of his children, but left Bria out. 

The family unit seemed to grow stronger after Skylar’s birth. Bria occasionally tweets out funny videos and photos featuring her daughter and father together that show a very loving (and laughter-filled) relationship.

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