Here’s one thing you probably didn’t know: Kelly Clarkson felt asexual until she met her now-husband, Brandon Blackstock. Clarkson relayed this piece of information to an audience during a 2017 SiriusXM show in New York City, as reported by People.

In a CBS Sunday Morning interview, Clarkson revealed (via E! News), “I never thought, honestly, I would get married or fall in love, like they say in the movies.” Clarkson and talent manager Blackstock wed in 2013, and, according to her, Blackstock was the first person she said “I love you” to and meant it.

Clarkson continued the interview by describing her yearning for an “easy marriage,” compared to the fantasy of a struggling, twisted romance that others may have. “I would love for [marriage] to be easy, that’s what I want to work for,” said Clarkson. “I have a hard job, you know, and it’s a lot of travel and it’s a lot of sacrifice. I just want [marriage] to be very easy.” Thankfully, Clarkson said, marriage has been a breeze for the two so far.

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