According to the 1952 booklet in Modern Bride (via Jezebel), “girls who will be happy in marriage enjoy teaching children and have a fondness for old people.” Okay then. But that’s not at all. “They are not strong admirers of musicians and poets though they may like good music or poetry,” the booklet read. It’s all about priorities, it seems. As getting married and having children went hand-in-hand during the baby boom era, possessing care-taking abilities surely proved that a woman was not only able to take care of her spouse, but also her future children. Because, yes, of course she would have children.

Both men and women were further cautioned: “Beware a person who shows a neurotic tendency, unconventional behavior, a craving for excitement, an urge to be constantly on the go.” Hmm, do you think these tendencies and behaviors are the result of playing music and writing poetry? Apparently Footloose should’ve been set in the 1950s.

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