They say chivalry is dead, but maybe that rarity is exactly why this old fashioned behavior is so attractive. Celebrity matchmaker Bonnie Winston told The List, “A man who is chivalrous, as evidenced by holding doors open, etc. is something that is old fashioned, but never goes out of style.” It may seem like this is something we’ve all learned from what the movies say a relationship should be like, but it turns out there’s more to it than that. 

Certified Professional Love Life Coach Lisa Concepcion revealed to The List, “On a physiological, primal level, women want to feel protected and are attracted to a man who makes them feel safe.” According to her, men also like to feel they’re being chivalrous because they’re wired to be protectors. She revealed that men like when women allow them to do things like open doors and tight jars. She continued, “Despite having evolved from the dinosaur era, we still have innate needs tied to our physiology.”

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